It’s the episode you know you’ve been waiting for:  the handbag episode!  This week, the designers each got to choose a client based on the contents of her purse, then they had to design a handbag for her.  As an added twist, the clients each provided one of their handbags to their designer to be disassembled and used to create a second accessory.

We’re playing along at home, but giving the challenges tweaks and alterations as necessary. This week’s DSC-version change from the TV challenge is that we will only be making one item, not two.  After all, without a huge cash prize on the line, is it really worth our sanity to try to do both?  Don’t get me wrong, you’re welcome to tackle both halves of the challenge if you are crazy brave enough to do so, but we’re not expecting it!  You have the choice to either:

  1. Make yourself a handbag, or
  2. Take a handbag you already own and turn it into another accessory.

Come back next week to see what we make and to link up your own projects, and keep an eye out for our challenge #3 reveal and linky!

Pictured above:  Handbag clutch by Happy Together [read more about this project]