diy louboutin slingbacks

DIY Louboutin Googly Eye Slingbacks by Glitter ‘N Glue

Did you see the latest episode of  Project Accessory?   For the second challenge, the contestants were sent to the Swarovski Crystallized store, where they each got to pick a piece to use for inspiration.  (Yeah, totally jealous!)  Then they had to create a pair of shoes and one other accessory to go with the inspiration piece, all of which were paired with a classic little black dress.

While I wish I could go to the official Swarovski jewelry store and browse around, that’s not a very dollar-store-centric approach, is it?  For our purposes, we’ll work from a favorite piece we already own for inspiration.  And no, we don’t have to make shoes from scratch!  (Though you can if you want to.  I bow before your boldness!)  Here’s what we’ll up to this week for Project {Dollar Store} Accessory:

  • Choose a favorite piece of jewelry from your collection and use it as inspiration for your challenge pieces.
  • For this challenge, we will be working on two pieces:  a pair of shoes and an accessory of your choice.  You don’t have to make shoes from scratch unless you really want to.  Instead, you can embellish or make over an existing pair of shoes.
  • The shoes and other accessory should both work together with the inspiration piece, and will be paired with a little black dress.  (After all, isn’t the little black dress all about accessories?)

Other than that, there are no restrictions!  Come back next Friday (November 11) to see what we come up with, and if you’re playing along too, you can link up your creations!  (Stay tuned for the Challenge #1 reveal and linkup, coming soon!)