free printable calendars

Calendars aren’t just a great way to keep track of what day it is, or what we need to do when, they are also a great way to show off our personalities. With 2012 here now, most of us aren’t thinking about replacing our old calendars, so I decided to put together a quick roundup of a couple free printable calendars to help you ring in the new year with style!


We know you’re always a step ahead :: 2012 Printable Calendars by Red Stamp

Red Stamp had such great reactions from their 2011 calendar that they decided to share TWO great year-at-a-glance calendars this year!

Free Printable 2012 Calendar by DECOR8Rgirl

I decided that I needed a punch of color in my office, and only had room to put up a one-page calendar, so I created this calendar to share on my blog and to share with you!


2012 Black and White Calendar by Don’t Eat the Paste

This black and white calendar with a spiral dot pattern is sure to go well with any color scheme.


Free Printable: 2012 One Page Doodle Calendar by Creative Mama

The beautiful purple flowers doodled on this calendar add a touch of class and whimsy to your day.


Free DIY Printable 2012 Calendar with Motivational Quotes by The Tiny Fig

Need a little motivation? Each month of this calendar has a different motivational quote to get you moving,


2012 Free Designer Calendar – Pigment to Pantone by Brilicious

For the designers out there, this calendar, inspired by paint pigments the old masters used, the modern Pantone colour system, Swiss typography and 70’s graphics; combines graphics and poetry for a completely unique piece of work.


Free printable 2012 calendar – notepaper theme by Clementine Creative

Print this calendar so that it’s double-sided. There are six months on each side, and there’s a place to write notes on. Just laminate the calendar and write on it with a white board marker!


Free Printable: 2012 Doodle Write In Calendar by Creative Mama

The doodle background evokes almost a kind of old wallpaper feeling with its different flowers and designs, but feels very edgy with its doodles and typesetting.


2012 Printable Calendar by the TomKat Studio

This calendar has a different page for each month, leaving you room to write in notes for each day. Although the design is simple, the colors and add  some fun.


2012 Tea Towel Calendar

Printable Tea Towel Calendar – 2012 Download by Dollar Store Crafts

Two years ago, Heather collaborated with Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made to design a printable tea towel calendar, and due to popular demand, she’s updated it again for this year!

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