There are a few bloggers out there that are crafting along with Project Runway All Stars, including Erika (and her furry buddy Sebastian) from Sew DoggyStyle.  They’re taking a four-legged twist on each challenge, starting with the first episode’s dollar store challenge.  She went to Dollar Tree on a $30 budget and bought all kinds of crazy stuff, then came home and formulated an outfit for Sebastian with her finds.  Doesn’t he look dapper in a Michael Jackson-esque way?  [how to make a blingy dog outfit inspired by Project Runway All Stars]

Project estimate:

  • Metallic cleaning towels, $2
  • Headband, $1
  • Aluminum foil, on hand or $1
  • Coffee filters, on hand or $1
  • Zip ties, on hand or $1
  • Safety pins, on hand or $1

Total:  $3 and up