Have you heard about our new Dollar Tree challenge?  This month’s theme is Spring Cleaning, something my house could desperately use!  To get you in the mood for the challenge, whether your project involves a little tidying up or a complete overhaul, we’ve surfed around DollarTree.com and rounded up a few things to inspire you.  We’ve also paired the items up with ideas we love using them.  Ready…  Set…  Organize!

[Collapsible Storage Boxes]

[A peek into Rhonda’s closet!]

I’m a big fan of these collapsible storage boxes.  They come in a nice variety of sizes, and when you don’t need them they fold down flat for easy storage.  There are a few different assortments available with various dimensions and patterns;  I have discovered that the large containers from the striped container set are a nice size for sliding into hanging sweater shelves (the kind that attach to your closet bar), turning them into drawers.  Ever wished there was an easy, cheap way to add drawers to your closet?  Wish no more!

[Bungee Cords]

[Bungee cord memo board by DIY Life]

My father is a huge proponent of the many uses of bungee cords.  Seriously, the man never leaves home without them.  And for good reason!  These stretchy little wonders come in handy all the time.  While there are a million uses for them, one of my favorites is making a bungee cord memo board.

[Wire Mesh Wastebaskets]

[Rhonda’s woven fabric wastebasket]

I’ve also seen a few crafty uses for wire mesh wastebaskets.  They have a classic look that is great on its own, or you can dress them up in a number of different ways.  A while back I used some fabric I had laying around to make one into a woven fabric wastebasket that I use to hold my crochet projects next to my chair!

[Glass Jars with Screw-Top Lids]

[Chalkboard labeled jars by Just the Bee’s Knees]

If you have a lot of little things to keep corralled together, these glass jars with screw-top lids are really nice.  (I have one full of jingle bells on my craft table!)  The fronts of the jars have a beveled design, making it super-easy to turn them into chalkboard labeled jars – no need to even spend time masking!

[Letter and Number Stickers]

[DIY closet dividers by Under the Sycamore Tree]

Need to label your freshly-organized stuff, but hate your handwriting?  Letter and number stickers to the rescue!  Whether you’re labeling a storage box to make it easy to tell what’s inside, or using them as part of other organization projects (like these DIY closet dividers from Under the Sycamore Tree), you’ll have perfectly uniform letters every time!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DollarTree.com.  All opinions 100% my own.