Beachy Brooch Napkin Rings

I found these nautical knot-inspired jute napkin rings, and I decided to dress them up with some blingy brooches from the Styled by Tori Spelling jewelry line. The best thing about this combination? It’s temporary! You can wire the brooches onto the rings for a dinner party, and then wear the brooches as a pendant on your necklace the next day.

One of my favorite places to shop (besides the dollar store, of course!) is the Fun Finds section at Michaels… aka, the dollar section! Michaels has a continually changing budget section where the price is right, and the design is great. You can always find some fun little things there that are perfect just like they are, but are also ripe for refashioning. These jute rings were the perfect canvas for a quick and easy craft project.

wire wrapped

I like the Styled by Tori Spelling pendants for this project because they are stylish and ornate yet affordable and will dress up your dinner table, but after the party,  you can just re-use them with the other Styled pieces for easy jewelry. To see how the jewelry works, see my previous post: How to Use Styled Jewelry.

Beachy Brooch Napkin Rings

Project Materials:

  • Jute napkin ring, $1
  • Brooch or pendant from Styled by Tori Spelling line, $7.99 and up
  • Floral wire, on hand
  • Wire cutters, on hand or $1

Total: $9 and up

To Reduce Costs: Use an old necklace pendant you already have, or a vintage brooch. And remember, you will be able to use these brooches again!

These are really easy to make!

beachy brooch napkin rings

To Make:

1. Cut an 8″ length of floral wire. Thread it through the loop of the brooch, and twist a few times to secure wire to brooch.

Tip: If there is no loop, or for a wire-wrapped look, cut a longer piece of wire, and wrap it several times around the brooch. (I did this with the round rhinestone pave pendant, although it was really hard to tell in the photos.)

2. “Sew” the wire through the napkin ring and bring ends of wire out the other side.

Tip: If your napkin ring is solid, simply wrap the wire around the ring.

3. Bring wire back through other side of brooch to secure it to the ring.

4. Tuck wire back into the inside of the napkin ring and flatten it against the inside to keep it from snagging napkins.

5. After your dinner party, snip the wire off with wire cutters, or unwrap carefully.

6. Reuse the brooch on your jewelry!