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Dress up a reusable gift bag by giving your giftee a pretty pendant attached to the outside of the bag. After the party, she can detach the pendant and add it to a chain for quick and simple style. The secret to attaching the pendant to the gift bag? A hoop earring base from the Styled by Tori Spelling DIY jewelry line.

easy gift bag bling

Last week I shared a quick and easy tip for using pretty brooches to dress up a napkin ring for a sparkly touch at your next dinner party. This project is similar, but this time you will be giving your Styled by Tori Spelling pendant away to a friend. Enclose some connectors (my favorite: rhinestone connectors) so she can attach the pendant to her favorite necklace for an instant update, or enclose a few other Styled pieces in the gift bag so she can create her own DIY jewelry looks.

Why am I talking about the Styled line so much? Because I like it so much that I asked the company if I could be a brand ambassador. I think the concept of a jewelry line that can be simply combined and re-combined without the use of tools is brilliant, and I thought you would enjoy it too!

Easy Gift Bag Bling

Project Estimate:

  • Reusable gift bag, $1
  • Pendant piece (Styled by Tori Spelling), starting at $7.99
  • Earring base (Styled by Tori Spelling), $2.99 per package of 4.

Total: $12 and up

To reduce costs: Use a piece of broken or thrifted jewelry you already have to create the focal point on the gift bag. Use floral wire instead of the earring base to attach the focal to the bag, for a potential savings of about $10.

One thing I like about this concept is that the brooch is part of the gift, so although it costs a few bucks to make this gift bag, the money is going toward the gift you are already giving. If you go the broken jewelry route, it might result in a decorative element that is not fit for the gift recipient to use, though.

I found these reusable gift bags in the fun finds section at Michaels for $1, but you can find similar bags at your local dollar store, Target, or Ross store.

gift bag bling

To Make:

Well, it’s pretty simple. Thread a Styled by Tori Spelling pendant onto an earring base, then slip onto the strap of a reusable gift bag.

Be sure to enclose the other earring blank, pendant connectors, and instructions for using them!