Dollar Store Party Decor: 8 Ideas Using Stuff from Dollar Tree

When it comes to party decorating, you can easily make yourself crazy trying to get every last detail perfect; you can also drain your wallet in the process! The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are lots of methods and techniques you can use to turn basic party and craft supplies from Dollar Tree into fabulous party decor, saving your both your budget and your sanity. Need some inspiration before you head out shopping for your next fiesta? Here are eight great ideas for inexpensive party decor.

party decor ideas from the dollar store

[balloons, party hats, tissue paper, white glue]

Make a party hat pinata (via

[Party Hat Pinata from Oh Happy Day]

Nothing says “party entertainment” quite like a piñata. Why get your usual, run-of-the-mill piñata when you can make your own custom version for so little money? This party hat piñata offers something a little different and, with party hats and tissue paper available in a rainbow of colors, it’s easy to customize to fit any party theme.

party decorating ideas from the dollar store

[paper napkins]

Make a paper napkin table runner (via

[Paper Napkin Table Runner from Passion for Parties]

Using disposable tablecloths doesn’t mean you can’t fancy things up a bit. A paper napkin runner is as easy as it is cheap, and nobody has to worry about spilling punch on expensive or heirloom linens. (Don’t forget to dress up the buffet table too!)

party decorating ideas from the dollar store

[plastic tablecloth]

DIY Fringed Garland

[Fringed Garland from One Charming Party]

Speaking of plastic tablecloths, have you ever considered using them in other ways? One tablecloth makes a lot of fringed garland! Use it in place of crepe paper streamers, or pair it with streamers for a little variety.

party decor ideas from the dollar store


fruit balloons garland

[Fruit Balloon Garland from Oh Happy Day]

Balloon Photo Backdrop

[Balloon Photo Backdrop from Dollar Store Mom]

There are lots of creative ways you can use balloons in your party decor besides stringing helium-filled ones on curling ribbon or taping them to the corner of a table. Why not try using them to make a fun garland, or to create a backdrop for a photo booth area?

party decor ideas from the dollar store

[beaded necklaces]

mardi gras beads coasters

[Mardi Gras Bead Coasters from Rust & Shine]

Add flair to your place settings with fun coasters made from Mardi Gras beads. (I always stock up on beads when I see them seasonally so that I will have them to use all through the year!)

party decor ideas from the dollar store

[craft foam]

craft foam wine glass charms

[Wine Glass Charms from Creative Jewish Mom]

craft foam cup markers

[Cup Markers from Mello Reflections]

Ah, craft foam. It’s such a wonderfully useful craft supply! Whether you’re serving your guests wine, punch, or just about anything in between, you can use craft foam to make fun, colorful markers that will help to avoid that whose-drink-is-whose confusion that’s always bound to arise.

Do you have a favorite party craft that uses stuff you can find at Dollar Tree?