I still can’t believe that 2012 came and went so quickly!  I swear the older I get, the faster the years fly past.  2012 was a big year for Dollar Store Crafts – we added some new members to our staff, had several mentions in major print publications, and gained lots and lots of new readers.  It was a great year, and we hope 2013 is even better!  Here is a look back at our 12 most popular posts of last year; are your favorite projects on the list?

Top 12 Dollar Store Crafts of 2012

12.  How to Make T-shirt Yarn

ball of tshirt yarn

T-shirt fabric is one of our favorite recycled craft supplies.  It’s versatile, it’s cheap, and it’s easy to work with even if you completely lack and kind of sewing skills.  One of the most popular ways to use old t-shirts in crafting is to turn them into t-shirt yarn, a continuous strand of fabric that can be used any way you would use regular yarn.  We put together the ultimate guide to t-shirt yarn, including several different methods for making the yarn and a bunch of project ideas to inspire you!  [how to make t-shirt yarn]

11.  Tutorial: Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

DIY rain chain with and without water

The concept of the rain chain was very popular in the home and garden world last year, so it’s no surprise that our DIY rain chain tutorial did well.  Why use a boring ol’ downspout when you can replace it with a work of art instead?  [how to make a rain chain from wire-wrapped rock]

10.  Make Soda Can Lanterns

soda can lantern

We are constantly amazed at the creative ways we see folks reusing materials out of the trash or recycling bin.  In this project by Theresa at The Star Online, some clever cutting takes empty soda cans and turns them into useful, artful little lanterns.  A string of these colorful can lanterns would look great lighting a garden party!  [how to make soda can lanterns]

9.  Make A Ping Pong Ball Pendant Lamp


Ping pong balls in a home decor project?  That’s how we roll.  We were totally captivated by this project from French magazine Marie Claire Idées, and so were you!  Thanks to Jan at Poppytalk, who translated the directions to English so those of us stateside can take a crack at making our own version!  [how to make a ping pong ball pendant lamp]

8.  Tutorial:  Blowing Dandelion T-shirt

Dandelion t-shirt

Back in the spring, Liz from My Messy Desk dropped by as a guest to share a tutorial for this fabulous, nature-inspired t-shirt.  You won’t believe her super-simple secret to making this design!  Of course, it’s not just limited to t-shirts – you can add this motif to just about anything you want.  [how to make a blowing dandelion t-shirt]

7. Turn a Rubber Door Mat into Wall Art


Sometimes all it takes to come up with an amazing project is to think entirely outside of the box.  That’s how Kate at Salvage Dior ended up turning a fancy welcome mat into some equally fancy wall art!  It has the look of antique wrought iron, but it is far more lightweight than its metal counterpart and therefore much easier to hang.  [how to turn a rubber door mat into wall art]

6.  Three Awesome Teen Girl Craft Night Ideas

girls event

When Heather was challenged to come up with activities for a teen girl craft night, she didn’t disappoint.  The young ladies participating in the event had a blast making DIY jewelry and accessories!  Not only does she break down each idea in her post about the event, she also provides some great tips for hosting your own crafty party!  [three awesome teen girl craft night ideas]

5.  Braided Ribbon Flip Flop Makeover

ribbon braided flip flops

Every year Dollar Tree sells basic, plain flip flops, and every year we see a ton of great ideas for dressing them up!  This simple method from Andrea’s Bow Cottage uses ribbon and some simple macrame to take a pair of sandals from yawn-worthy to yes-worthy in just a few minutes.  Why spend money on fancy flip flops when decorating them yourself is so cheap and easy?  [how to make braided ribbon flip flops]

4.  Make a Glass Marble Tiled Table

glass marble tabletop

Anyone who thinks the bags of flat glass marbles are just for filling the bottom of an aquarium or adding weight to a vase hasn’t seen this project by Shannon at Madigan Made.  Using resin to “grout” the marbles, she created a flat, stable tabletop surface that looks absolutely stunning.  Put this table in front of a window and enjoy the bright, cheery look of the sunlight hitting the glass!  [how to make a glass marble tiled table]

3.  Black and White Wedding Ideas

15 black and white wedding ideas

While budgets have been shrinking in recent years, every girl still wants to have her dream wedding.  Rather than skimping on the glam factor, more and more brides are opting to use DIY ideas to cut their costs.  We rounded up 15 inexpensive ideas on a black and white color scheme, but these ideas are all easily adapted to fit any wedding colors your heart desires.  [black and white wedding ideas]

2.  Tutorial:  PB-Inspired Tiled Mirror for $10

pb inspired mirror tutorial

We love designer-inspired projects, especially when the DIY version is much cheaper to make than the cost of the original.  Sure, you could drop a few hundred dollars on a large tiled mirror to hang above your mantel, but we would rather spend $10 on supplies and make our own!  (And so would our readers!)  [how to make a PB-inspired tiled mirror]

1.  What to Buy at Dollar Tree for Your Wedding

what to buy at the dollar tree for your wedding

Yes, DIY wedding ideas were a big winner in 2012!  Our most-viewed post of the year was this list of project ideas using various items that you can find on the shelves of Dollar Tree.  Our list of seven projects, including decorations and favor ideas, will help you get that dream wedding look within the reality of your budget!  [what to buy at Dollar Tree for your wedding]