Googly Eye Flip-Flops by

If Christian Louboutin can do it and sell ’em for $1595, then we should definitely put googly eyes on a pair of flip-flops for less than $2! I’m a huge fan of the lowly googly eye (in fact, it ranks as one of my top 3 craft supplies), so it was only natural to bedeck a pair of dollar store flippie floppies with some googlie gogglies. My ten year-old friend Maddie ranked these as her favorite of this week’s flip flop craft projects. Read on for the instructions on how to make googly eye flip flops.

Project Materials:

  • A pair of flip flops, $1
  • A package of googly eyes, $1
  • Amazing Goop glue or epoxy, on hand or $1 and up

Total: $2 and up

I recommend using Goop glue or epoxy on this project to make sure the googly eyes stick to the shoes really well. Hot glue will NOT work.

googly eye flip flops by

How to Make Googly Eye Flip-Flops:

1. Glue googly eyes onto flip-flops as desired, using Amazing Goop glue or epoxy. Allow to dry for a few minutes until eyes are set in place.

2. Glue one large googly eye to the center of each flip-flop strap.

3. Allow glue to cure for an hour or overnight before wearing them.

Googly eye flip flops by