16 dinosaur crafts to make

There is no shortage of dinosaur love happening at Dollar Store Crafts! From the dreaded T-Rex to the adorable baby triceratops, we’ve got lots of great dino crafts to help your kids (or your own inner kid!) get in touch with your paleontological side.

surprise dinosaur shirt [Dinosaur Surprise Shirt by Morena on Dollar Store Crafts]

dino craft tripod

[Dinosaur Phone Tripod by Eat.Sleep.Make]

dinosaur tumbler cups

[Animal (and Dinosaur) Handle Party Cups from Morena on Dollar Store Crafts]

dinosaur serving dish with oreos

[Dinosaur Serving Dish from Three Little Monkeys Studio]

recycled dinosaur craft

[Make Your Own Recycled Dinosaurs from Craft, Interrupted]

DIY corn cob holders with plastic dinosaurs

[Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders from resident man crafter, Mikeasaurus on Instructables]

dinosaur storage jars

[Dinosaur Playdough Storage Jars by Lolly Jane]

finger painted dinosaur toys

[Finger Painted Dinosaur Toys from Parents.com]

dino footprint cookies

[Dinosaur Footprint Fossils from I Can Teach My Child]

DIY dinosaur magnets

[Dinosaur Magnets from C.R.A.F.T.]

sparkly dinosaur ornaments

[Glittered Dinosaur Ornaments by Carissa on Dollar Store Crafts]

pretend dinosaur feet

[Dinosaur Feet from Recycled Materials on Activity Village]

dinosaur bulletin board

[Dinosaur Bulletin Board from Oh That Ashley]

DIY wearable dino tails

[DIY Wearable Dinosaur Tails from Running with Scissors]

make a pipecleaner dinosaur puppet

[Dinosaur Finger Puppet by Heather on Dollar Store Crafts]

hatching dino eggs from coffee clay

[Hatchable Dinosaur Eggs with Coffee Clay from Play Create Explore]