picture frame necklace holder

I love to accessorize, especially with necklaces, but I have a major necklace storage issues! I came up with this cute way to display necklaces so I can enjoy them as decorations when I’m not wearing them — the picture frame necklace holder. To see the full tutorial, hop over to Decor Hacks: [picture frame necklace holder]

Project Materials:

  • 8×10 picture frame, $1
  • Piece of scrapbook paper (or other background), on hand
  • 4 hooks, $1 and up

Project Estimate: $2

You can find sticky hooks in the home wares section of the dollar store!


picture frame necklace stand

A note about the necklaces: The first one is a kid art necklace I made using my son’s drawings, the second and fourth are cheapies from my favorite junk jewelry store, and the third necklace is a tiny granny square necklace I crocheted from embroidery floss.