Super easy halloween candle craft - dress up dollar store candles!

I had a great time getting dollar store crafty this month with my dollar store candles and some Martha Stewart Halloween craft supplies! For this month’s 12 Months of Martha, I’m going to show you how to decorate some super adorable Halloween candles in just minutes. Oh, and don’t miss my appearance on the Martha Stewart show, where I shared my $5 dollar store Halloween costume idea!

Project Materials:

Total: about $1.25 per candle, $15 total for the project

Supplies: I got the candles and ribbon at the dollar store.

How to Save Money on This Project: Substitute the adhesive border pad for washi tape, ribbon, or cut strips of Halloween-themed scrapbooking paper out to glue to your candle. Don’t forget to check your craft stash to see what you can use up!

Why the Martha Stewart Adhesive Border Pad is a good choice: There are 60 adhesive borders per pad, so they cost about 23 cents per border, so this is a VERY quick and easy craft if you are going to make a lot of candles. They’d be great for craft bazaars, teacher gifts, or hostess gifts. If you were going to sell them at a craft bazaar, you could easily charge $5 a piece and make about $3.75 profit per candle!

Halloween candles - cost about $1.25 each to make, would be good teacher gifts or craft bazaar items

I used two different type of candles — scented and lidded candles I found in the candle/craft section at the dollar tree, and glass prayer candles.

Halloween candle craft - cost about $1.25 each to make, could sell for $5 at a craft fair

For the prayer candle, I also used a strip of burlap, and some Martha Stewart Halloween decoupage papers (for the owl). If you are making the candles to sell at a craft fair, remember to add about $.23 per border you use per candle. So, for the owl candle shown here (with 4 borders), you would add $.92 to your cost per candle, plus the cost of the owl. I would retail the owl prayer candle at about $7.50.

To Make Super Easy Halloween Candles:

1. Remove labels from candles. Some are easy to peel off, and some will require the use of an adhesive remover like Goo Gone (you can get it for $1 at the dollar store!).

2. Clean glass with rubbing alcohol, and allow to dry.

3. Choose your favorite adhesive borders from the Martha Stewart, and wrap around the candle, trimming to fit. (Save the extra bit for a patchwork candle, or for card-making!)

4. If needed, secure the edge of the adhesive border with a bit of glue or invisible tape.

5. Tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the top of the candle.

Super easy Halloween candle craft - using dollar store candles