Burlap Centerpiece

I love to craft with burlap.  It’s so plain and simple yet versatile, like a good pair of jeans.  You can dress it up or tone it down by pairing it with different craft supplies.  With this project, I used colorful red burlap and added a little bling to make a pretty centerpiece for the holidays.

DIY Burlap Flowers

Project estimate:

  • Burlap, about $2
  • Pail, $1
  • Syrofoam ball, on  hand or $1
  • Rhinestones, on hand or $1

Total:  about $3 and up

Part 1 Burlap Flowers

Step one:  Cut the burlap into three inch squares.

Step two:  Fold the burlap square in half twice.  Hold the folded corner and trim the edges off.  For more detailed cutting instructions, see this post.

part 2 burlap flowers

Step three:  Wrap the styrofoam ball with burlap and place it in the pail.

Step four:  Layer two flowers together, and pin them onto the styrofoam ball.

Step five:  Glue a rhinestone to the center of each flower.

Burlap Flower Centerpiece

I embellished my pail a bit by adding a mini Santa ornament to the front of it.  I love this red burlap, and the color is what inspired me to make poinsettias.  If you want to make this centerpiece for Thanksgiving, you could use natural burlap instead, like I did with the centerpiece pictured below.  This is such a quick, inexpensive project that you could easily make them in lots of colors, and just swap out the burlap flowers as the seasons change!

jute flowers