Have you visited our DollarStoreCrafts.com’s Best Ideas group on Facebook yet? It’s a lively little place on Facebook where dollar store crafting enthusiasts can share their brilliant ideas and hang out with like-minded crafters. You should join today! Here are a sampling of great ideas shared in the group this week:

6 Dollar Store Craft ideas for Christmas that you haven't thought of! - dollarstorecrafts.com


Dollar Store Spoon Wreath by Pam B.

Dollar Store Spoon Wreath - dollarstorecrafts.com

Project Info Available Here for this cool holiday wreath made with dollar store spoons, ornaments, and a giant lollipop!

Dollar Store Holiday Centerpieces by Kellie S.

Dollar store crafted holiday centerpieces - these are totally charming! dollarstorecrafts.com

I haven’t seen anything as charming as these holiday centerpieces in a LONG TIME! Can you tell what the glittery Christmas trees are made of? Party hats! Get the details on this project in the Dollarstorecrafts.com’s Best Ideas Facebook Group!

Dollar Store Goblet Snowman Decorations by Sheryl Ann

Dollar store goblet snowman decorations - dollarstorecrafts.com

These goblet snowmen by Sheryl Ann are cute and charming, and pretty simple to make! Find out more info about the process in the group post.

Dollar Store Preschool Holiday Ornament Craft by Lynn G.

Dollar store craft: preschool ornaments - dollarstorecrafts.com

Lynn G. made these adorable ornaments with her 4 year-old granddaughter! Find out more about the project here.

Candy Cane Wreath by Pam B.

Dollar Store Craft: Candy Cane Wreath - dollarstorecrafts.com

This candy cane wreath by Pam B. is so cute and charming. Find out  more about the project in the group, or see instructions for a similar candy cane wreath (using plastic candy cane ornaments from the dollar store) right here at Dollar Store Crafts.

Adorable Dry-Erase Christmas Countdown Calendar by Tiffany C.

Dollar Store Craft: Christmas Countdown calendar - dollarstorecrafts.com

How cute is this countdown calendar? Great for Christmas, but you could also use it to count down to any other winter event, thanks to the fact that it is a dry-erase board! Find info about it over in the group.

Hopefully you are convinced that the group is an amazing resource for dollar store crafty ideas, and you are inspired to join us! Ideas like these are posted every day, and we’ve been having a great time getting to know other dollar store crafters.