10 DIY Craft Storage Ideas

Happy new year, Dollar Store Crafters! Did you resolve to organize your craft area this year? Whether you have a whole room full of craft supplies or a smaller area dedicated to crafty storage, these are some ways to make the most of that space and get more organized.

1. Suitcase Organizer – This is a great way to organize any craft supplies that are teeny tiny. I’m looking at you, jewelers! Bonus: you can take your crafts to go at the drop of a hat.

2. Shoe Organizer – Those over-the-door hanging organizers are great for storing all kinds of supplies. Vertical storage like this rocks, because it makes the most of small spaces.

3. Phonebook Organizer – Did you get yet another phonebook that you don’t need? Turn it into a desktop organizer for your art supplies.

4. Pie Tin Organizer – This is another great vertical space-saver. Turn old pie tins into a tiered storage solution.

5. Tin Can Organizer – A pyramid of tin cans makes a great desktop storage solution for pens, pencils, paint brushes, and Sharpies.

6. Glitter Dispensers – Turn stackable salt and pepper shakers into organized glitter storage.

7. Pallet Storage – Turn an old wood pallet into crafty storage.

8. Pegboard Storage– This tute is for garage storage, but you could use this idea to store so many craft supplies!

9. Ombre Storage Drawers – Are you sick of your ugly, plastic storage drawers? Make them super duper cute with paper!

10. Storage Bench – Turn an Ikea bookcase into seating plus storage. I Heart Organizing used this for playroom storage, but this would work great for craft supplies, too.