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[21 Apr 2016 | No Comment | 368 views]
16 Ways to Save Kids’ Worn Out Clothes

Face it, kids are hard on clothes. Some clothes get stained, or ripped way before they are totally worn out. Here are 16 ideas for saving kids clothes that I have personally done myself — I can stand behind these ideas! Check out my full article at eBay: [how to save worn out kids clothes]

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[20 Apr 2016 | No Comment | 475 views]
Make Envelopes from Recycled Magazine Pages

I am a huge fan of making new crafts out of things I would otherwise recycle or throw away. Check out these pretty DIY envelopes I made from an old catalog! You can use recycled magazine pages, scrapbooking paper, or just about any other pretty paper to make your own envelopes, too! Find my instructions for making these envelopes at Live.Craft.Love: [DIY Envelopes from Recycled …

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[19 Apr 2016 | No Comment | 516 views]
3 Charming Crafts to Make from Recycled Cans

Don’t recycle your cans, reuse them! These charming ideas take cans destined for the recycling bin and transform them into adorable decorations that are perfect for Mother’s Day, party or wedding decorations, or hostess gifts. Find instructions for all three crafts in my article at eBay: [recycled can crafts]

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[8 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on Make Perler Bead Butterflies | 504 views]
Make Perler Bead Butterflies

As a child of the 80s, perler beads will always hold a very special place in my crafty heart. Over at Room to Grow, see how you can use a heart-shaped perler bead pattern and a wooden clothespin to make these cute butterflies that are the perfect project for spring! You could even make a whole collection of them and string them  up as a …

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[4 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on Dollar Store Push Light Makeover | 428 views]
Dollar Store Push Light Makeover

You’ve probably seen the push lights that Dollar Tree carries – they are cute, but plain. So Megan at Homemade Ginger decided to give hers a little more personality! Using her techniques with different colors and patterns, there are so many possibilities for dressing up these little lights. How will you decorate yours? [dollar store push light makeover directions]
Project estimate:

Push light, $1
Masking tape, on hand …

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[1 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on Make No Sew Felt Crowns | 307 views]
Make No Sew Felt Crowns

These fabric crowns are such a simple no-sew project that your little princes and princesses can create their own with minimal assistance! Jess at Let’s Do Something Crafty shares just how easy it is to whip these up yourself! It’s a great way to use up random odds and ends of supplies – put out a pile of embellishments and let your littles go wild! …

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[21 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Make an Easter Egg Wreath | 293 views]
Make an Easter Egg Wreath

We’ve seen several takes on the Easer egg wreath over the years, and we particularly love the design of this one! Haeley from Design Improvised designed it for Oriental Trading Company (which is kind of like the dollar store of the catalog world). Choose all of your elements in a matching color scheme to give it a classier, more sophisticated look.

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[16 Mar 2016 | One Comment | 475 views]
Make a St. Patrick’s Day Chandelier

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Feel like greening up your decor, but short on budget? Corrie from The Apple of My DIY put this cute chandelier together with some basic supplies, and the results are definitely not-so-basic looking! Her design incorporates honeycomb tissue paper spheres, but if you can’t find those readily available to you, you can get a similar look using green pom …

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[14 Mar 2016 | One Comment | 704 views]
How to Tint Your Lip Balm

Are you a huge lip balm junkie? I am, but I also like a little color on my lips. I figured out this way to tint my lip balm with old lipsticks – no extra ingredients needed! You probably already have everything you need to do this, so what are you waiting for? I shared my instructions for tinting your own lip balm at eBay: …

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[11 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Make Pom Pom Easter Bunnies | 690 views]
Make Pom Pom Easter Bunnies

Got yarn scraps? Turn them into Easter decorations! Over at Blitsy, Meghan shows how to turn your odds and ends of yarn into these adorable pom pom bunnies. You can also use the same basic method with different features to make a variety of other animals or creatures. They will look so cute decorating your Easter baskets or tucked into your spring decor!  [how to …