[Woven chain bracelet by Honestly… WTF]

Looking for an excuse to craft?  Here’s a really, really good one!  If you’re interested in crafting for charity, then you should check out a website called Craft Hope.  The organization, founded by Jade Sims, sets up projects connecting crafters with charities in need of handmade items.   Past projects have included making dresses for orphaned children in Mexico, dolls for orphans in Nicaragua, and scarves for teens in foster care.

They are currently on their 12th project.  Craft Hope has teamed up with an organization called Orphan Outreach, who will be taking a trip to Russia in August to visit orphaned children there.   They are collecting handmade bracelets of all kinds to pass out to the kids.  Bracelets are quick to make, great for stashbusting, and fun for experimenting with new techniques!  [learn more about the Craft Hope/Orphan Outreach bracelet drive]

If you want to help out and send some bracelets along, here is a collection of bracelet tutorials to try out!

[Cord and chain double-wrap bracelet by Studs and Pearls]

[Blue jean wrap bracelet by Mich L. in L.A.]

[Nylon cord macrame bracelet by Inspiration & Realization]

Bracelet Video Tutorials:

Bracelet tutorials on DSC: