[Handbag Greeting Card by Lost in Creativity]

The school year is drawing to a close, and that means graduation is almost upon us!  If you know a high school senior who will be going off to college in the fall, you may be scratching your head as to a gift they will appreciate.  Help your favorite students keep in touch wit the folks back home by building them a correspondence kit filled with everything they need to partake in the dying art of letter writing.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A box or other container:   You’ll need something to hold the contents of the kit.  If you have a local cigar shop, check to see if they have any boxes; my local shop sells them from $2 to $10 each depending on the size and whether they are made from cardboard or wood.  You can also dig through your recycling bin for a box with a lid that will work.  If you use a cigar box, many of them are beautifully decorated on the outside; if  you are using a plain box, use Mod Podge to cover the outside with pretty scrapbook paper, magazine images, or anything else you see fit.
  • Pens or pencils:  Writing utensils are, of course, a necessity when it comes to composing a letter the old-fashioned way.  If you include wooden pencils, be sure to throw in a sharpener too!
  • Stamps:  Make it easy for them to drop their correspondence in the mail by providing the postage they will need.  If you purchase the USPS “forever” postage, you can be sure that the stamps will continue to be valid even of postage rates increase.
  • Stationery:  Handmade stationery is cornerstone of this project.  There are a few different routes you could take here: use a computer to create and print a custom letterhead, rubber stamp on plain paper to make your own pattern, or (my favorite option) make handmade greeting cards.  No matter wich method you choose, make sure you remember to include appropriately-sied envelopes as well.

If you opt to make greeting cards, here are some great tutorials to get you started!

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