photo ornaments

Do you put a special ornament on the tree every year? We usually add a new one each year – sometimes with photos like these photo tin ornaments, or sometimes we buy them as souvenirs when we go on vacation. I have always been a huge fan of handmade ornaments, and therefore most of the ornaments on our tree are handmade instead of store-bought. (I’ll admit that I indulge in a few dollar store ornaments every year to go with the year’s color scheme!)

Here are a few of my other favorite handmade ornament ideas from years past:

glass bulb ornaments

Stashbusting Glass Bulbs

The idea behind these is to take yarn, fabric, or other craft supplies you’ve been holding onto for far too long, and stuff them into a glass bulb so you can really enjoy them!

quilt stockings

Mini Quilt Stockings

I love these little miniature stockings made out of an old or worn-out quilt. Come to think of it, I have a quilt I need to retire, and this might just be the perfect thing to do with it!

coffee talk

So since we’re talking ornaments, let’s talk Christmas trees! When do you put yours up? We’re chatting about it over at the CoffeeTalk Community, where I’m a community leader. If you’re not familiar, CoffeeTalk is the forum for International Delight, and I am over there every week chatting it up about crafts, food, life, and whatever silly things come up.

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Oh, speaking of International Delight, I wanted to let you know that they have a promotion going on right now called Share Your Delight where they will donate 50 cents per each of their specially-marked flavors to either Toys for Tots or Coats for Kids. And I think that’s pretty darn delightful!

share your delight