Six Halloween craft ideas using stuff from the dollar store

Have you been shopping for Halloween goodies at Dollar Tree yet this year?  Don’t dilly-dally, because once their Halloween merchandise hits the shelves things tend to sell out quickly.  Not sure what you want to buy there?  We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite spooky crafts, all featuring things you can find in Dollar Tree’s seasonal section.

Candy Corn

[Candy Corn]

Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

[Candy Corn Wreath by Sevin Family]

One of the most iconic things associated with Halloween is candy corn.  Whether you love or loathe to eat it, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate it into your crafting rather than ingesting it.  Like, for instance, gluing them down to create a festive wreath to greet trick-or-treaters at your door!

Plastic Halloween Straws

[Plastic Halloween Straws]

Skeleton Twinkle Lights

[Skeleton Twinkle Lights by Obsessively Stitching]

Our friend Care figured out that the embellishments on these plastic Halloween straws were perfect for adding to a string of Christmas lights.  Presto, a string of Halloween lights instead!  (I love how happy these skeletons look!)

Plastic Severed Hands

[Plastic Severed Hands]

Plastic Severed Feet

[Plastic Severed Feet]

Halloween Costume Contest Trophies

[Halloween Costume Contest Trophies by Very Vegan Holiday]

Glowing Mad Scientist Jars

[Glowing Mad Scientist Jars by Mrs. Greene]

Are you stumped with what to do with those plastic severed body parts?  (Get it?  Stumped?)  You could use them to make spooky trophies for a Halloween costume contest, or perhaps use them to fill a display of mad scientist jars that glow when exposed to black light.

Plastc Skeleton Garland

[Plastic Skeleton Garland]

Calaca Bride

[Calaca Bride by Made By Nicole]

Spooky Skeleton Vase

[Spooky Skeleton Vase by Sew Woodsy]

What can you do with a string of little plastic skeletons?  Lots of things!  Separate the garland into individual skeletons for projects like making a calaca bride doll for the Day of the Dead, or leave them together in a grouping to make a spooky vase to add to your mantle.