I love coffee, and I love craft parties, so it only makes sense to combine coffee with craft parties and have a Coffee Crafternoon! Every week, my mom and I get together at her house with a few friends and get crafty. Sometimes we have specific projects, sometimes we just bring different craft supplies to share. This week, we were making baby quilts, and we had our new friend Asi from Iraq and her two gorgeous kiddos crafting with us.

coffee party - dollarstorecrafts.com #safewaygevalia

Well, the kids mostly played and ate snacks!

When we learned we had some new friends joining us for our craft day, my five year-old son Evander and I popped over to our neighborhood Safeway store. He helped me pick out the perfect goodies to serve:

coffee and pastries - Safeway & Gevalia #safewaygevalia

We found some yummy muffins and raspberry cinnamon rolls in the bakery at Safeway, and I scored some Gevalia Columbian coffee for the grown-ups.


My mom taught Asi how to make a quick baby quilt.

sewing a baby quilt

I made a new quilt for my 3 year-old son — his old baby “blankie” is all raggedy, so I took a picture of the worn blanket laid out flat, and had the photo of the quilt top printed onto fabric at Spoonflower. I turned the quilt-printed fabric into a new and improved blankie for Gideon!

Take a picture of your child's old raggedy blanket and have it printed into fabric at Spoonflower so you can make them a new blanket!

Here’s his old blanket on the left, and his new blanket on the right. It looks a little different than the old one, but he still recognizes it as “his blankie” and instantly adopted the new one!


After the blanket was done, we had to have refreshments!

coffee party

It was time for our party! We used ground Gevalia coffee in our french press — my favorite way to serve coffee!

boys with snacks

The kiddos ate as many meringue cookies as they could! I drank as much coffee as I could. At our next craft day, I want to make those cool yellow Gevalia coffee bags into a fun recycled craft — like maybe a duct tape coffee bag tote, a stay-closed wristlet, or a recycled coffee bag wallet

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