Avast ye mateys! International Talk Like a Pirate Day be celebrated every year on September 19. Celebrated officially since 2002, today be a great day t’ unleash your inner pirate. Want t’ find out more? Visit the official site! While you’re thar, be aye t’ take the The Pirate Personality Index Test. Want help talkin’ like a pirate? Visit the English to Pirate translator! You can also Google like a pirate!

yarn pirate bag


Yarrrrrn Pirate Embroidered Knitting Tote by Geek Crafts [Pictured]

Treasure Chest Cross-Stitch Chart by Un Jour, Une Grille de Point de Croix Gratuite

Felt “Softie” Pirate Hook by bugaboo, mini, mr & me at Everyday Mom Ideas

Pirate Pin-Up Embroidery Chart by Corvus Tristis

Ninja vs Pirate Dolls by Geek Crafts

Printable Halloween (and Pirate) Paper Dolls by Gwenny Penny at The Idea Room



pirate pie pops bubble and sweet

Food and Drink

Pirate Pie Pop Treats by Bubble and Sweet [Pictured]

Pirate Cake Topper by Belle Cake Topper and Mould

Scary Pear Heads by Martha Stewart


Pirate Playdate Cover Shot

Fun and Games

How to Have a Pirate Day Play Date by Make and Takes [Pictured]

Pirate Inspiration Board by Tiny Prints


Pirate Onesie


Scurvy Pirate Ship Onesie by Geek Crafts [Pictured]

Quilted Felt Pirate Beard and Patch by Factory Direct Craft Blog

Free pattern and tute: Flowery pirate by Stash Books

Pirate Embroidery Patterns by Urban Threads

Pirate Costume for a Toddler by Pane Amore & Creativita

Little Girl Pirate Costume by Shwin & Shwin


Pirate Snow Globe

Past DSC Pirate Posts and Round-Ups

Pirate Crafting: Pirate Ship Snowglobe [Pictured]

25+ Ways to Celebrate Pirates of the Caribbean in Style

Make a Pirate Ship Cupcake Stand

How to Make a Pirate Tricorn Hat