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From our Dollar Store Crafts Facebook Page: “Does anyone have any ideas for a super quick and cheap craft for about 200 kids to do? I am planning a kids night out for my work and need ideas. For this event, we set up stations where they play games and I need a craft for Winter/Christmas, either one. Thanks!” – Diane

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Pauline wrote: “I need some easy Christmas craft for a 8 year old.”

Heather’s Kids’ Craft Ideas for Christmas or Winter

Last year, my kids went to a little holiday fair and there were a few craft stations. There were several great quick and cheap craft ideas for kids there. Some of the crafts they brought home were:

candy cane reindeer

Candy Cane Reindeer:

For each reindeer you need:

  • A candy cane
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Half a brown pipe cleaner
  • Craft glue (for the eyes)
  • One small red pom-pom for the nose
  • A pencil to wrap the pipe cleaner around

To make, just glue the eyes and nose on, wrap the pipe cleaner antlers on (and curl them around a pencil). The older kids were helping the small kids make these, and it took a few minutes for the googly eyes to dry.

pipe cleaner wreath ornaments

Pipe Cleaner Wreath Ornaments

For each wreath you need:

  • about 25 green, red, or clear beads
  • Half a green pipe cleaner
  • A piece of red or white ribbon (about 6″ long)
  • A coffee filter to portion out the craft supplies in advance

I love the coffee filter idea for keeping the project supplies together. This should make it easier to prepare for the craft station in advance.

When the child does the craft, he or she just puts the beads on the pipe cleaner. The helper can twist the pipe cleaner into a circular shape, and tie on the ribbon to hang the ornament.

Clothespin angel

Clothespin Angel

For each angel you need:

  • An old-fashioned clothespin
  • A paper doily
  • A small piece of gold or silver pipe cleaner
  • A small piece of ribbon or embroidery floss to tie on the ornament
  • White paint (pre-paint the clothespins)

You can buy a package of old-fashioned clothespins in the laundry section of the dollar store. Before the event, paint the clothespins white and allow to dry. To make the angel, accordion fold the doily (in this photo, my son rolled the doily), and insert in slit of clothespin. Wrap metallic pipe cleaner around the top of the clothespin and form into a small halo. Tie a cord around the “head” part of the clothespin for hanging the ornament.

If desired, let children draw faces on the angels. That would be super cute!

Other holiday kids craft ideas:

These ideas should get you started! Readers, I would love to hear your great ideas!