This week, instead of just doing a regular round-up of other sites’ awesome Halloween posts, I thought I’d do something a little different. This round-up includes *most* of the Halloween posts thus far on Dollar Store Crafts! Some of these posts could be major flashbacks for our long-time readers. There’s a great mix of tutorials and posts written just for us, as well as a bunch of projects that we featured from other sites. We feature projects from Two Girls Being Crafty, Minieco, Made With Love and Glue, Dot from, Paper and String, Momma D and Da Boyz and Crafty Modern to name just a few, and even a few readers sent in great projects. So sit back, relax, and check out all the treats below!

Crafts and Decor

dollar skeleton lights

Skeleton Twinkle Lights [Pictured]

Tutorial: Spooky Skeleton Vase

Make a Jack-O-Lantern Puppet (featuring Two Girls Being Crafty)

Make Halloween Costume Contest Trophies (featuring Very Vegan Holiday)

Make a Snake Wreath (featuring The McIllece Spot)

PacMan Halloween Garland (featuring Minieco)

Make a Cardboard Chandelier (featuring Jellyfish Jelly)

Make Halloween Character Vases (featuring Oscar, a reader)

Make Crazy Papier Mache Pumpkins (featuring That Artist Woman)

Make Crow Halloween Party Invitations (featuring Gets Bored Easily)

haunted glitter birdhouse

Make a Haunted Birdhouse Village [Pictured]

Make a Halloween Shadow Box (featuring I Can’t Wanna)

Make Paper Bat Halloween Treat Holders (featuring Mega Spooky)

Make Creepy Crow Faux-Taxidermy

Make a Framed Crow (featuring Made With Love and Glue)

Make Molded Papier-Mache Skulls

Make Macabre Skull Drippy Candles (featuring Rose Petals and Rust)

Halloween Craft: Make creepy halloween birds! (featuring Dot from

Trick-or-Treat Bag from Tea Towel

Make a Spooky Photo Display (featuring Mommy on the Bus)


dollar skulls

Lighted Skulls from Recycled Materials [Pictured]

Make Boutique Halloween Skull Decorations (featuring Rook No. 17)

Make Skull Soap (on a Rope)

Make a Coffee Filter Cobweb Garland (featuring Mega Spooky)

Make a Bath Scrubber Halloween Wreath

Make Mummy-Wrapped Eye Balls (featuring Flamingo Toes)

Halloween Decor: Creepy Bottle Labels (featuring Dot from

Make Styrofoam Spider Decorations

Halloween Frame Revamp (featuring reader icepinkstars)

Make a Spooky Candle Holder (Awesome!!) (featuring J. Paige at Scatter Sunshine)



Make a Yarn Jack-O-Lantern Vase [Pictured]

Make a Calavera Skull Centerpiece (featuring Laura from Charcoal Designs)

Halloween Party Favor Buckets

Make a Quick & Easy Halloween Tree (featuring Dot from

Make Plush Halloween Ornaments (featuring Paper and String)

Make Your Own Silicone Molds

Make an Eggshell Ghost Mobile (featuring Magic Onions)

Make a Junk-O-Lantern (featuring Small Hands Big Art )

Make a Halloween Twig Wreath (featuring Delia Creates)



Make Glowing Mad Scientist Jars [Pictured]

Make Upcycled Skull Candlesticks (featuring Sawdust and Paper Scraps and Blue Cricket Design)

Make Paintbrush-Headed Halloween Characters (featuring The Art Annex)

Make Milk Jug Jack-O-Lanterns (featuring eighteen25)


Halloween Cheeseball Jackolantern

Halloween Party Food: Cheese Balls Jack-o’-Lantern

Make Milano Ghost Cookies (featuring Desserts.Wikia)

Make Ghost Marshmallow Party Favors (featuring The Gaines Gang)

Make Edible Sugar Skulls

Make Chocolate Skull Pops (featuring All Things Shea)


Costumes and Apparel

pizza costume

Make a Pizza Costume [Pictured]

Make a Child’s Flapper Halloween Costume (featuring Momma D and Da Boyz)

Make a Flamingo Costume (featuring Attempting Aloha)

Make a Candy Corn Costume for $2.69

Make a Felt Superhero Mask (featuring Whatever Dee-Dee Wants)

Make a Severed Head Necklace (featuring Instructables user PixyMcCrafty)

Make a Strawberry Costume

Make a Batty Halloween T-Shirt (featuring Just Peachy)

Halloween Costumes… For Pumpkins!

glitter skull pins

Make Glitter Skull Pins [Pictured]

Make a Death Eater Mask from a $1 Skeleton Mask

Make a Halloween Garden Hat (featuring Felicity from Crafty Modern)

Googly Eyes for Your House (featuring Our Forever House)



Past DSC Roundups

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